About YOU Insta-Brand

YOU Insta-Brand is a platform that takes job hunting to a new level by re-thinking the resume into an interactive, personal branding statement.  It provides a much needed tool allowing job-seekers to stand out and present a "best version" of themselves in an up-front format that gets noticed and gets the callback.

Why is YIB so good?

One powerful feature is the scorecard.  It provides a snapshot of a candidate's strengths like IQ, EQ, relevant experience, personality profile and more.  It delivers an audio introduction and a video profile of the candidate along with in-depth personal details.  All this gives prospective employers what they need to quickly evaluate for the all important "good fit" factor.  It's a superior format designed for the digital age allowing for a much more effective representation of the candidate's overall value as compared to current options.

It’s the "Resume of the 21st Century"

We set out to provide a web product to help people seeking a job, and we ended up re-envisioning the resume in the process.  We've re-invented the resume for the digital era.  You Insta-Brand is a way for job-seekers to first differentiate themselves, and then once you've got the eyeballs on you, it presents a "best you" package.  It’s the ultimate one-two punch for landing the job you seek.

About Personal Branding

We see a lot of talk about personal branding, but we found nothing available for people to easily and economically brand themselves online. So we created YIB—and made it simple and affordable to leverage the concept of "personal branding".

YIB Out-Performs The Word Doc Resume

The typical Word document resume is a relic from the pre-digital age—though still the "go-to" method for many job hunters.  It’s time to benefit from the next stage of resume evolution.

Our Instant-Brand sites are incredibly easy for anyone to setup within an hour or so.

Complete our special data capture form, create and upload some data files, choose a theme from our available selection, add some basic career details, and within 24 hours you’ll have a powerful, personal branding tool to help you stand out in the crowd—and get hired!

A custom website that gives you an edge over the competition in the job market.  If you've spent any time at all job-hunting these days, you’ve probably run across the scenario where you feel lost, ignored, or seemingly invisible!  YOU Insta-Brand can change all that for you.  The cost is only $100.00 and we believe it can literally DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING HIRED.  So why wait?  Check out our Theme samples here, and then begin the order process here.  Then get ready to make a personal branding statement to give your job hunt a boost.


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