Building Your Personal Brand

Branding Experts Agree: a Personal Brand is
Key to a Productive Job Hunt

The data is in.  A personal brand is the last level of branding.  The value of branding cannot be underestimated and bringing it to bear at the personal level has been shown to enhance one's career—especially when it comes to seeking a job.

This reality is what has given birth to YOU Insta-Brand and the streamlined nature in which we provide a powerful tool in the way of building your personal brand. Our simple system delivers a custom, personal website to enhance one's online image and profile to help the average job seeker become above average—allowing them to stand out in the crowd... and get hired!

So Many People, So Few Jobs

Employment recruiters haver compiled the data and it appears that currently there can be up to 200 applicants to most popular jobs leaving the typical job seeker getting lost in the shuffle... falling through the cracks.  That's where we come in.  Everyone is on social media... LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  So that sort of levels the playing field in that sense, so what we have developed is an affordable, quick and easy method of helping the average job seeker stand out above the fray—and get noticed... and get hired.

It starts with a simple comprehensive web form completed by the job seeker which then becomes the content for the web site—the information that goes into building your personal brand.  All best of all, it's just $100.00—and it goes live in 24 hours or less!

What You Get For Just $100.00

  1. You get a website that looks like one of these: (click to preview)


  2. You get a professional PDF resume that looks like this:

  3. You get a promo banner to add to the emails you send to job opportunities letting them know that YOU stand out.  Your email banner looks like this:



Set yourself apart to accelerate your job search by taking one simple, affordable step that will set you apart—and more importantly—ahead of the competition.  It takes about an hour to complete the YOU Insta-Brand info gathering form that gets transformed into your website which then goes LIVE in 24 hours or less.


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