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What exactly is personal branding?  That's a loaded question.  When people think of "branding" they think of BMW, or Pepsi, or Nike.  Big companies selling things and spending enormous amounts of money to blast their logo and their "mission and values" on billboards, at sporting events, on TV and flooding social media, etc.  But "personal branding" is sort of an oxymoron in a sense.  It's like "chocolate shoe" or "electric dirt". So how does personal branding come into play?

Simple: Just like Nike and BMW and Pepsi, you are selling something: YOURSELF.  But who is the "buyer"?  A prospective employer—that's who.  What we do here at You Insta-Brand is give you an edge in doing so.  We give you an amazing tool to help that sale along.  Personal branding to help you stand out in the pile of resumes that every employer gets.  At last estimate, the average job post gets up to 200 responses!  How do you stand out?  With a Personal Branding website that costs you only $100.00!

Yeah... you can do all the research on the concept of "personal branding" but in the end all you get are a bunch of descriptions and opinions and blog posts and links to more of the same.  Here, we make personal branding something that works for you.

To get started with the process to personally brand yourself and get an edge in your job hunt, START HERE.  It takes about an hour to complete the form providing us with the info we need to set up your site, and in 24 hours—or less—your site goes LIVE.  Check out the form.  (You don't pay until AFTER you complete and submit the information).

What You Get For Just $100.00

  1. You get a website that looks like one of these: (click to preview)


  2. You get a professional PDF resume that looks like this:

  3. You get a promo banner to add to the emails you send to job opportunities letting them know that YOU stand out.  Your email banner looks like this:



Set yourself apart to fast-track your job search efforts by taking one clear step that will set you apart—and more importantly—ahead of the competition.  It takes about an hour to complete the YOU Insta-Brand info gathering form that becomes the content for your website and PDF resume and after that, your site goes LIVE in 24 hours or less.


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