Bob Stanton — Marketing & Promotion

I am awesome to know and a pleasure to work with.

 •  Accountability  •  Enthusiastic  •  Humble  •  Autonomous  •  Successful  •  Proactive  •  Goal Oriented  •  Multi-Skilled

I am a highly motivated individual who see the big picture and tirelessly works toward a well-stated goal. There is no job I don't feel confident enough in tackling, and no goal I might set that would require less than my giving 100% in order to reach it. Past employers will agree that I am an integral part of their organization when it comes to the bottom line. My efforts have always been fully appreciated by past employers. In the big picture, I am a true team player.

CORE COMPETENCIES that Maximize Reception in the Marketplace!

Well Liked by Most Everyone

Past employers will say that I am a strong asset to their company

Business today demands nothing less than the top producers and I am one of these people

ABC Television

FROM: 1/1/2001 — TO: 3/3/2003

Hughes Aircraft

FROM: 3/3/2003 — TO: 5/5/2005

Fuddrucker's Restaurants

FROM: 6/6/2006 — TO: 9/9/2009


MS Word


University of Michigan
4 Years

  • MAJOR: Marketing

    Other Areas Of Study:

  • Online Selling
  • Infomercials

University of Southern California
2 Years

  • MAJOR: E-Sales

    Other Areas Of Study:

  • Internet E-CommerceMobile Commerce