Bob Stanton — Marketing & Promotion
Personal Story
I was born in France and moved to the states when I was a very young child. My parents sent me to the best schools and I excelled in every endeavor. My family situation was such that I learned to speak fluent French by the tome I was 6 years old. This has come in handy for my international business endeavors.

There is nothing I love more than good advertisement. Friends laugh at me when I ask them to be quiet when the commercial comes on because I love to analyze the framework of the ad... how they set the viewer up and then the call to action. I watch the Super Bowl for the ads... not the game!

I;ve taken all the sales courses I could find. One of my favorite ones is Tommy Hopkins. What comes to mond right off is how he would name various sales techniques like the "porcupine" which is when someone asks you a question, you ask them a qualifying question right back. For example: Q: "Do you have it in red?" A: "If we do, are you ready to drive it home right now?" It's a great close. Or the "takeaway" where you get the customer all excited on the product, but then pull it away from them. It's crazy, but it makes them want it more. At that point they are ripe for the close!

I am ready to settle down now am seeking a position where I can grow with the company over the long haul.