Fred Frieberg — Sales Professional
Personal Story
I was born in Wisconsin and spent my early years farming and reading. Once I was old enough, I realized I had to get to the big city to realize my dreams, so off to New York I went!

Pretty soon I realized it was very cold there! So I packed up my stuff and moved to sunny southern California, San Diego to be exact. This is where I call home now. I am a people person and I love interacting with people. I have a high emotional IQ and get along great with people. For some reason, they like me too! I think it's because I am keenly aware of the other person and I know when to stop talking and listen. This "skill" has served me well when dealing with clients.

Sales was a natural for me. I have a detailed mind, so explaining aspects of the product or service I am selling I find to be more fun than work. I've learned that demonstrating my knowledge of what I am selling to the customer gives them the sense that they are dealing with an expert and this also fosters trust. But I know when to close: all the time!

I am looking for a position where I can sell some big ticket items to make the real money. I've solds software, cars, and plenty of different services, but wat I really want to get into are yachts and private planes. It's a longer sales cycle but I know that my selling style will produce results.